Wednesday 31 August 2011

Reiki is a Powerful Tool for Transformation and Healing

Reiki not only helps to heal the body, mind and emotions, it uplifts the Spirit and the energy vibration, effectively changing the way we live, think and feel.
I was initiated into Reiki in 1984 with Beth Grey one of the first Reiki Ma
sters to come to Australia: and my whole life changed. There were very few Reiki channels at that time and the general public did not know anything about Reiki.
How things have changed in Twenty five Years. Now ev
erybody has heard of Reiki.

My experience of Reiki was that it intensified everything
in my life.

This is a forum to share your Reiki experiences, if you have a story to share please
email it to me. or add a Reiki comment at the bottom of the post.
Reiki energy healing is beyond the physical, but it does heal the physical body.
Here are some true accounts of Reiki Healing