Saturday 4 August 2012

Birds Love Reiki Energy!

In the last few day I have had a close encounter with our feathered friends and have been able to catch it on video.
I am a Reiki Master and spiritual artist and I paint Angels. Reiki was the catalyst that awakened these gifts for me and I always imbue my paintings withthe  healing energies. My artwork has become the focus of my healing over the last few years.
I have a Healing Art Gallery in Frankston, Victoria in Australia and the birds often grace us with their presence and beautiful birdsong, particularly when we are doing healing. They absolutely love high vibrational healing energies and this Magpie wanted to come in to the gallery for the full experience! I caught it on my phone and this the uncut video of her entire visit, and it is Amazing!


  1. That is amazing! Haha I love it! ..Animals really do love high frequencies...another way I sometimes say it is that animals adore Love Energy! My mom's cats always come in the room when she is doing Reiki healings...every single time, without fail. I love it because it's more verification to me that Reiki is the real deal...because Reiki "supposedly" works with life's natural God/Love/Lifeforce Energy, and animals are natural; most are naturally in tune with the Lifeforce when they take a liking to something other than food or general survival, I'm thinking that whatever captures their interest, it's probably a very special thing with good, natural, enchanting, healing, high-vibe energy.

  2. I can sure appreciate and understand why your little visitor wished to explore your gorgeous sanctuary, it is so inviting,full of beautiful vibrations. Thank you for sharing this gem : )

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