Sunday 12 December 2010

Absent Reiki Works!

I just did an absent Reiki session on a friend. I was in my Angel meditation and healing room, and I just felt that she needed healing. When I got home later, she had called in to see me. She told me that she had woken up that morning with severe stomach cramps but all of a sudden she felt better and very hungry!

We worked out that she started to feel better at the same time that I was sending her healing.
Another everyday Reiki  Miracle!
♥ Glenyss


  1. Thanks so much for sharing that story Glennys! That is amazing! You've got me thinking lol...I have also healed people from a distance (or assisted in successful self-healings from a distance)...but I didn't use any traditional Reiki techniques, as far as I know. (My training doesn't begin until April.) I have especially had success using this one technique that I call the "heart meditation" seems to have to potential work just as well as Reiki does. I know there are many healing techniques that have been very beneficial for a lot people... and I believe the most critical factor is that the healer is centered, aka "aligned with their Higher Self", aka being their true, loving self. That way, the healer can be sure that he or she is working with the energy of Pure Love; the Lifeforce Energy. And when a healer is centered as such, I'm convinced that they do indeed work with highest energy, no matter what specific technique they use; they "tap into" the same energy source that the Reiki Masters do. And in my opinion, a "healing technique" could be something as simple as talking with someone and making them laugh ..or cry tears of passion and joy. Or it could be as simple as holding the door for someone and giving them a nice compliment..etc. Countless ways to be a healer. That being said, Reiki is of course a very powerful technique that has helped thousands and thousands of people, and it deserves all the attention it gets and more. But I was just wondering (and anyone who is reading this can please feel free to answer) if you've heard of people who combine Reiki with other techniques (or if you've done that yourself)? I know that many Reiki healers play soothing music in the background and use aromas while they heal, but what about switching to an alternative technique (such as a different type of energy healing, or a guided meditation, or just a casual chat, or whatever) if the healee seems to have a lot of resistance to Reiki? Is that a common choice amongst Reiki healers? I'm new to all this, and determined to learn as much as I can...any insights or information that anyone wants to share would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    One Love

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    2. Thanks. I think meditation and focusing is basic element in such healing.
      For how meditation works and different types of meditation i seen before that i ever sern . im sharing here the blog. Check so we can discuss more.

  2. btw, I apologize for spelling your name wrong, Glenyss. lol...doh! =D