Monday 30 August 2010

Small Reiki Miracle at the Supermarket!

Yesterday I was shopping at the supermarket; and as I came down the aisle towards the checkout my ears were assaulted with the noise that makes all mother's blood run cold!

Yes it was the distressed crying of a very young baby!

The mum was obviously making her first trip to the supermarket after she came home from hospital, a mammoth shop to feed the family for a few weeks.

The crying got louder and louder and seemed to go on forever. The poor baby was strapped into the shopping trolley, and the mum was busy at the checkout and obviously upset that she wouldn't be able to attend to her child for some time.

I suddenly had an idea, absent Reiki might help! I quickly set it up mentally as I stood in the queue, and within five seconds the baby gurgled contentedly and stopped crying.

All the women in the grocery lines including me visibly relaxed.
Thank you Reiki!


  1. Wow!...I would love to talk with you about absent Reiki. I'm all excited now lol. I'm thinking I'll have to learn this technique after I learn present Reiki lol. In your opinion, what is the main factor that causes absent healings to be successful? (I'm guessing that it's having trust that the healing is actually working?) And do you think absent healings are just as powerful as present healings? Will Reiki healings work on anyone, or does the healee have to be open to in order to gain maximum benefit?

    Thanks for posting the video, hope to keep this conversarion going! :-)

  2. Well said! It also has some traditional exercises to increase the power and flow of it.You will be very grateful after doing reiki regularly
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